Backup Kit 3

Back-Up Kit 3


Cut your electrical bill. Be in control during power failures.

Solarwize’s Hybrid Solar/Backup Power System Kits are the ultimate facility for generating solar power, either connected to the grid or off-the-grid, and ensuring 100% automatic backup power during power failures. You choose when you want to use solar energy, when you want to draw from your battery bank, and when you want to get electricity from the grid.

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Quantity Product Description
1 5KVA 4000W 48V Solarwize Hybrid Inverter – Built in 80A MPPT
1 AC Distribution Box
1 12AH Lithium Ion Battery



Excludes mounting structure and installation. Site dependent.


Sample Load: Fridge, Microwave, Computers, TVs, DStv, Router, Lights, Alarm System and more


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